Club Membership

Join SV Scheibensucher Rüsselsheim e.V.

Hello fellow disc golfer!

You are currently living in Germany and want to participate in German disc golf tournaments like the ones listed on
Then you need to join a german frisbee club. Only „visitors“ from other countries are allowed to participate in German disc golf tournaments without a German club membership. So if you are permanently living in Germany for more than a short visit and want to join the German disc golf scene, go ahead and join our club!
Btw: The club name „Scheibensucher“ means „disc seekers“.

You want to join our club? Here are the steps you need to do to become a club member of SV Scheibensucher Rüsselsheim e.V.

Download the form AUFNAHMEANTRAG

The form is splitted in two sections:
The first section is for our club and the second section is for the included membership of the „DFV Deutscher Frisbeesport-Verband“.
Make sure to fill in everything, as you are otherwise not allowed to participate in tournaments held in Germany.

Translation notes for the first section:
Name = Your full name (first name and last name)
Tel./. Handy = Your mobile phone number
Straße = Street you currently live in
Geb.-Datum = Your birth date
PLZ Ort = Zip code and city you currently live in
and make sure you check one of the membershiptypes:
„Einzelmitgliedschaft (Erwachsene)“ means single club membership for adults (most likely what you are looking for)
„Einzelmitgliedschaft (Kind b. 18 J.)“ means single club membership for juniors till age 18
„Familienmitgliedschaft“ means family club membership for 2 adults and up to 4 children
Ort: City
Datum: The current date you are filling out the form
Unterschriften(en): Signature of the applicant
Kontoinhaber: Bank account owner (first name and last name)
IBAN: Your IBAN bank account number
Ort, Datum und Unterschrift (Kontoinhaber) = City, current date and signature of the bank account owner

Translation notes for the second section (DFV Deutscher Frisbeesport-Verband:
Vorname: first name
Geburtsdatum: your birth date
Nachname: last name
Geschlecht: your gender (male / female / third sex)
Email: your email address
Telefon: your mobile phone number
Strasse: street you currently live in
PLZ Wohnort: Zip Code and city you currently live in
Please ensure that you check the box „Ja, ich bin einverstanden, dass der DFV für Rabatt-Aktionen nach dem beschriebenen Verfahren Auskunft über meine Mitgliedschaft erteilen darf.“ This is needed for tournament play!
Ort, Datum: City and current date
Unterschrift: Signature of the applicant

Now print the filled out form and sign it (3 signatures needed!)

Send the signed form via mail to:
SV Scheibensucher Rüsselsheim e.V.
c/o Michael Janske-Drost
Wilhelm-Kalle-Str. 18
65203 Wiesbaden

For a quicker registration, you can also scan the signed form and email it to

Membership fee:

  • 36 € per year for adults
  • 24 € per year for kids till age 18
    72 € per year for family membership (2 adults and up to 4 kids)

Included in the club membership:

  • Membership in DFV (Deutscher Frisbeesport Verband e.V.) (Needed for tournament play in Germany)
  • Membership in the „Hessischer Sportbund“ including the sports insurance
  • Membership of the members only WhatsApp group
  • Membership of the members only email distribution list
  • Using of the public disc golf course „Ostpark“
  • Using of the private disc golf course „Waldschwimmbad“ (only from September to April)